Pink Moon Observatory

Site Rules

All members must comply with the rules below.  Please make sure to take your time and read them thoroughly so you know what is expected of you and all members of the Pink Moon Observatory.  As explained in the Terms of Service, breaking any of these rules may result in a range of possible consequences including loss of account privileges, warnings, suspension, removal of content, or permanent banning of your account.

– Community Interaction
– Forums
– Accounts & Content
– Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

Different Portions of the PMO and their Guidelines

The Terms of the Agreement

Community Interaction

  1. Be kind to yourself and others.
  2. Be respectful of ALL members of the Pink Moon Observatory, including moderators and admins.
    1. Name calling, harassment, fighting, spamming, flaming, and flooding the forums, chats, or fan work comments are all inappropriate behaviors and may not be exhibited on the site.
  3. Be open to people from different backgrounds and experience levels.
    1. Do not personally attack or harass others because you disagree with them.
    2. Remember, there are people from many different backgrounds, paths of life, ethnicities, cultures and beliefs using this website. Keep that in mind as you interact with others and keep things respectful.  
    3. We have members of all experience levels when it comes to creating fan works.  We want ALL of our members to feel safe to express themselves here at the Pink Moon Observatory. We also intend this to be a place where Sesshoumaru/Kagome creators feel safe to learn, grow and develop their craft.  Be conscious of the words you use when interacting with others.
  4. Be constructive and facilitate meaningful discussions.
    1. We respect and encourage excitement and spirited discussion.
    2. Do not be a troll.
      1. Posting comments with the direct intention of inflaming a topic for the sole purpose of provoking a negative emotional response from the community members is not acceptable. No flames in comments on creators’ works or in forum posts. If you encounter someone who is purposely trying to antagonize you, ignore it and report it. 
  5. Leave Your Intolerance at the Door.
    1. We do not tolerate hate speech or bigotry of any kind.
      1. Do not post anything that alienates or offends individuals based on race, sexual orientation, gender, country, religion, etc. These types of posts, whether directed at an individual, group, or a creator’s works will not be tolerated. As per our Terms, you may not post anything that is abusive, illegal, defamatory, libelous, threatening, harassing, hateful, encourages criminal conduct, gives rise to civil liability, violates any law, harms minors, impersonates others, disparages Pink Moon Observatory or affiliates and partners, or is otherwise inappropriate.


  1. Share relevant and helpful information in forums.
    1. Links to SessKag fandom-specific posts and information are welcome in the forums only.
    2. Do not post solicitations or spam.
      1. Except where specifically invited as in Fanart Commissions (See Fanart Commissions Section for more detail please do not link to or spam advertisements or solicitations for personal projects or monetary services of any kind. If you see this kind of post in comments or inappropriate forums, please report it for removal.
    3. Do not create discussions or threads solely to discuss politics or religion.
      1. The Pink Moon Observatory is a haven and sanctuary from the real world.  We understand that politics and religion can come up in discussions and they will be monitored for relevance like all forum posts.  However, any forum posts created to discuss either of these topics are liable to removal without warning.
  2. Do not spam the boards. Examples of spamming include:
    1. Posting the same topic on multiple boards
    2. Posting the same topic multiple times on the same board
    3. Posting the same reply multiple times in the same topic
    4. “Private” or 1-to-1 conversations (please utilize the Private Messaging system for this)
    5. Excessive capital letters in consecutive posts
  3. Do not post topics or replies with the intent to troll.
    1. Posting a comment, sometimes controversial, with the intention to draw out negative reactions and emotional responses
    2. Posting a comment for shock value
    3. Derailing topics from their original purpose
    4. Personal attacks against any individual or the PMO
    5. Baiting members into breaking the rules so that you can report them.
  4. Do not make threats against other members.
    1. This includes referring to violence or death in relation to the PMO, admins, or members – individually or as a group
    2. Do not use any part of the site to communicate with members on the topic of encouraging, promoting, endorsing or inciting any kind of legal action against the site or any individual.
  5. Do not use insults or make personal attacks. This includes:
    1. Back-handed compliments
    2. Singling members out, or accusing someone of breaking rules (please report the member instead using the Contact Us form)
    3. Blacklisting, naming and shaming, character assassinations
    4. Passive-aggressive remarks that clearly criticize other members
    5. Linking to, or alluding to, offsite content that contains any personal attacks against PMO members or admin
  6. Do not ignore staff requests.
    1. If a moderator or administrator requests you to drop a subject or do something on the site you should follow this guidance immediately.
  7. Do not engage in personal attacks against any moderators and admins.
    1. This includes direct attacks, sarcastic, passive-aggressive, or patronizing remarks, and threatening language
    2. Should you feel you have been treated unfairly by a moderator or a moderator is behaving in a way that you feel is unacceptable, you may provide us with information about this via our Contact Us form
  8. Mini-modding is prohibited. This includes:
    1. Attempting to control what other members post
    2. Issuing warnings to other members
    3. Threatening to report a member, or telling a member they have been reported
    4. Telling a moderator how they should moderate
    5. Trying to bribe a moderator to take action against another member

Accounts & Content

  1. Abide by the website Terms of Service.
  2. Keep your account log-in details confidential.
    1. Staff members will never ask you for your password.
    2. You must tell us immediately via the Contact Form of any apparent breach of security such as a password request.
  3. Do not transfer or share user accounts or create an account on behalf of someone else.
    1. User accounts are for your personal use only.
    2. You must not transfer or allow someone to use your account on your behalf.
    3. You are responsible if you lose anything (content posts, comments, discussion threads, bookmarks, etc.) or any damage to your account as a result of illicit account transfer or sharing.
  4. Do not log into user accounts that do not belong to you or request user passwords.
  5. Post only the work(s) you, yourself have created.
  6. Plagiarism will not be tolerated anywhere on the site – this is an immediately bannable offense..
    1. Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s words or concepts without properly attributing those words or concepts to their original source. Simply finding and replacing names, substituting synonyms, or rearranging a few words is not enough to make the work original to you.
  7. By submitting Not Safe For Work (Explicit-rated) works of art or fiction for posting to the site, the submitter certifies that all characters engaged in explicit activity within the work are above the age of consent (16 years in Ohio, USA). We will not tolerate any depiction of underage NSFW involvement. Violating works will be summarily removed from the site and the posting member will receive a strike against their member record. 
  8. The PMO is a dedicated Sesshomaru and Kagome (SessKag) fansite. Any content posted on the PMO must have SessKag as the main pairing and/or final pairing. Content displaying other Fandom ships may be posted to the PMO, as long as SessKag is the primary object of said content. Under no circumstances is the pairing of Sesshomaru and Rin (SessRin) allowed on the PMO.  

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

The following actions will be taken at the sole discretion of Pink Moon Observatory Moderators and Site Administrators. The first action will be taken at the first offense. Subsequent actions will be taken if repeat offenses are identified.

  1. First Strike (offense): written warning (via email) from Admin/Mod team, offense recorded in Incident Log.
  2. Second Strike (offense): written warning (via email) from Admin/Mod team and temporary account suspension (1 week). Email will include a list of first and second offenses and caution that an additional infraction will result in termination of membership; offense recorded in Incident Log.
  3. Third Strike (offense): written (via email) explanation of recorded offenses from Admin/Mod Team and permanent removal from site membership; offense recorded in Incident Log. New accounts proven to be linked to previously banned former members will be automatically terminated upon discovery. 

Strike Expiration – If no additional offenses occur, it is possible for accumulated strikes to “age out”, or fall off of the member’s record:

  • 1st Strike (Offense): 6 months after infraction
  • 2nd Strike (Offense): 1 year after infraction

Incident Log: 

  • The Incident Log is a record kept by the PMO Admin/Mod team in an effort to track and record infractions against the PMO ToS and/or Code of Conduct. If an infraction is determined to have occurred, the offending member is notified via email and details and result of the determination are recorded in the Incident Log. Only PMO admin/mod team members may access the Incident Log. This will permit all members of the admin/mod team to reference past infractions (if any) in the case of a new possible infraction.

Different Portions of the PMO and their Guidelines

Fanart Commissions

  1. Advertising open Fanart Commissions and searching for Fanartists to commission is only acceptable in the Fanart Commission Forum. However the following guidelines apply:
    1. Artists
      1. May post that they have open commissions available and add links to their portfolios
      2. May not discuss pricing in the forum, please discuss commission details in private
    2. Commissioners
      1. May post commission requirements/basic outline for what they are looking for
      2. May not post budget in the forum, please discuss commission details in private
    3. General
      1. The PMO will not be held responsible for any issues with either the Fanartist or the Fanart Commissioner under any circumstances
      2. The PMO does not allow any bidding on the site
      3. The PMO does not  receive any form of compensation for artist advertisements
      4. Individuals take on the risk of hiring an artist or accepting a commissioner 

The Observatory

  1. The PMO’s fanfiction database is merely titled, “The Observatory,” and is a sister-site to the PMO . When utilizing The Observatory to read or post fanfiction, there are certain guidelines that must be adhered to. You can find more information in the PMO Terms of Service Section O.
  2. Required Sections
    1. All fics must have:
      1. Title
      2. Summary
      3. Rating
      4. Critique Acknowledgement
      5. Warning
      6. Tags
      7. Fic Types
  3. Ratings
    1. G – General Audiences
      1. Content is good for all ages. There is nothing in theme, language, nudity, sex, violence, or other matters that would offend general audiences.  
    2. T – Teen
      1. Content that is suitable for ages 13 and older. There may be suggestive themes, violence, crude humor, minimal blood, and/or infrequent use of strong language.
    3. MA – Mature
      1. Content that is suitable for ages 17 and older. There may be intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content, and/or strong language.
    4. EX – Explicit
      1. Content that is suitable for ages 17 and older. There may be extreme violence, extreme and/or graphic depictions of violence, extreme and/or graphic depictions of sexual content, and/or strong language. 
    5. It is the user’s responsibility to properly rate their works. If works are not correctly rated to the above standards, the user will be contacted by the PMO team. If the work is not appropriately rated after a PMO team member reaches out, the user runs the risk of their content being removed from the PMO Observatory and the user being written up in the PMO Incident Log.
  4. Warnings
    1. The Observatory utilizes five Fanfiction Warnings:
      1. No Warnings Apply
      2. Graphic Depictions of Violence
      3. Graphic Sexual Content
      4. Major Character Death
      5. Rape/Non-Con
      6. Dub-Con
    2. Users must properly identify any warnings within their works. Failure to mark appropriate warnings will result in the user being contacted by the PMO team. If the work does not use the appropriate warnings after a PMO team member reaches out, the user runs the risk of their content being removed from The Observatory, and the user being written up in the PMO Incident Log.

The PMO Fanart Gallery

  1. The PMO’s fanart gallery is used to display fanart depicting SessKag. 
  2. The following fields are required:
    1. Title
    2. Artist Name
    3. Source 
      1. This field is only required if the user posting is not the artist who created the work
    4. Is This NSFW?
      1. If you checked “Yes” to the work being NSFW, the NSFW category must be selected
    5. Category
    6. Tags
  3. To ensure our search function can be done by Artist Name, double-check that you are spelling the Artist’s name correctly
  4. If the work is not properly sourced by a non-artist after a PMO team member reaches out, the user runs the risk of their content being removed from fanart gallery, and the user being written up in the PMO Incident Log.

If at any time users have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the rules, moderation of the PMO, or PMO as a whole – they can either us our Contact Us form or email the PMO Admin directly at:

[email protected]